Wifi details

We understand that good Wifi access is becoming increasingly important for everyone, so we thought we would take some time to explain just exactly what we have, and what you are getting when you come to stay with us.

WiFi coverage is available in the kitchen or lounge of each cottage, depending on the quality of you Wifi receiver, has been tested OK with iPhones/IPads and Android devices.

As we are in the depths of rural France, internet speeds may not be what you are used to if you live in a big city. We have a 4Mbps broadband internet connection shared between the cottages, this is great for day-to-day surfing and sending/receiving emails, however isn't great if everyone is trying to stream videos at the same time.

To maintain a good quality of service for all of our guests, the hotspot system we use has the following policy: The 1st hour in a 24-hour period is free per device, after that there is a nominal charge of 3.20€ for 2 hours. For nearly everyone this seems to work well, as most people have come on holiday to spend some quality time with their kids.

We see ourselves as a quiet little cul-de-sac in today's fast-paced always-on world :)